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  [MARIECAT 2014 SOLO EXHIBITION] 2014.10.15 ▶ 10.26
 작성자 : 최고관리자
작성일 : 2014-11-12     조회 : 410  
 관련링크 : [168]





Marie Cat, who is well known as the "Cat Artist" in Korea, has started her career in design marketing field not in the field of the fine art.

Her illustrations, which has debuted in the earlier of 2000, was an instant hit and also was a great sensational among her fans with her own splendid and exquisite illustration of cats.

Since 2010, she has also debuted in the field of the fine art.

Making cats as her main theme, she is also painting various and beautiful natural scene, plants and animals with her own fascinating coloring.

She is creating more fans in the field of the fine art.

In 2010, she has left Seoul and moved to the isolated cottage in the forest.

His, of course, has given greater inspiration and more energy in her painting.

In her life in the nature, she has experienced the wonders of nature from the searching and watching the beauty of wilderness.

She has also experienced the mysterious and amazing connection with the wilderness around her.

These fantastic and gorgeous experiences has created the active and exotic flowers, trees, and lots of animals on all over her canvas.

Her paintings have humorous theme, lively characters, and impressive beauty.

The audiences could experience the wonders of nature easier and closer.




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